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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> it was interesting where sun corp wants to buy a bigger share of the merger. i think it is worth a look. >> and my mission is simple: to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cray america. my job is not just to entertain but to teach and put it in context. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me #jimcramer. what if the federal reserve is on hold until the rest of the year and we can curtail the endless jabbering for a rate
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hike? what if oil is back? what if things are getting better in china? what if the issues with volkswagen can be contained? these questions explain how the market's advance can continue. roaring 314 points. nasdaq climbing 1.56%. we've got a trend going here. we've got to talk about it. all of these what-ifs would have been ridiculous to discuss a week ago. suddenly good news is busting out all over and we can't not talk about it. the facts are changing pretty rapidly. a few weeks ago the fed was on track to tighten. lo and behold they did get in the way with that very weak employment number on friday. that might have been a shocker to those who kept talking about the need for the fed to raise
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rates. now, it's no surprise to anyone who has been listening to our companies have to say. they're being slaughtered by the superfreaking strong dollar including dupont, in part because everybody expects a rate hike. everyone should have known that the economy is weakening and weakening fast. that's not when the fed should be raising rates. it's kind of comical, isn't it? i think if janet yellen had hiked rates at the fed meeting a week ago, guess what, there would have been people griping she would have had to cut. but yellen did the right thing. that's why the market can and should rally. what i mean is she did the right thing for main street. autos and housing, the twin pillars in this faulter iing
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economy, as main street goes, so goes wall street. this job has never made the commentators who incessantly call for rate hikes sound like cranks. given that waging have been on the decline again, this lousy employment number is a game changer. we ought to respect it, even those who are dogmatic in their insistence that there's no time like the present for the fed to tighten. you have to respect it. a rally of something like 900 points. second, let's talk about oil. on friday, the market experienced a remarkable reversal, going down, then pivoting and rocketing. why? i think it had to do with oil turning, the price of crude. there's the analysts pumping
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about the saudis. russia is putting out like mad, iran coming back online. then the rate count comes on on friday. when i first started at goldman sachs, we used to watch this number like a hawk. we thought that maybe if rig cuts continued, oil would bottom. that was 30 years ago. do you know it's now back in vogue? oil soared from the low 40s to 62 in spring. when it started inching back up, oil plummeted. crude became the worst performing commodity in the quarter, off 25%. now, though, the decline is stark. with a net total of 26 riggs going offline, a huge number, dropping the entire rig count to 614, that directly impacted the amount of oil produced in this country, in the next few months. it's given an added push from the rating agencies which are
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downgrading oil on their sheets. no one is going to lend them money. contra resources raised capital last week, a war chest for drilling or making acquisitions. you're up 10 points if you participated in that deal. we may experience a dramatic klein on what we produce next year, which will send the price of oil up. the strapped brazilian oil company has been momentarily stopped. they're getting thrown like a piano out of a building. and if you had any doubts about the importance of oil, at one point it looked like the averages would swing today, then crude went up and the stock market along with it. i don't know if you've been watching wynn.
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apparently the chinese government has relented on its relentless crack down on gambling profits. that could mean the communist party feels like it's become an impediment to growth, its stinginess when it comes to buying and building new homes. that's a welcome change. it could even impact copper, which is integral to new homebuilding in china. 40% of the world's copper goes to china. this could help glencore, the huge mining and trading company which has been per receivceived next lehman brothers. that eliminating pressure on glencore, helping the market as a whole. if china starts doing better, that could ignite the entire
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bedraggled sector. alc alcoa, all those are up, and general motors, that's why those stocks rallied. they could be taking note that general electric, which is being viewed that the industrials have been punished too much, largely because of the decline on emerging market sales, including china. the shocking departure this evening of ellen kullman, announcing her retirement as ceo of dupont, after the huge jump in aftermarket hours, traders suggesting that breakup could ensue. that reminds you of how much value could be unlocked in these beaten-down industrials. it doesn't hurt that the chinese stock market has been closed for a holiday. its proxy, the hong kong market, has rallied because of good news in china.
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final, there's volkswagen. you know i've been concerned about it. a couple of engineers who are concerned about high diesel emissions could be behind the scandal. i think vw will owe billions in reparations but the possibility of the company going away is diminished by the news. you're beginning to see stocks of other automakers creeping up. it's positive for the rest of the automakers. i'm a realist. things don't go from bears to bullish overnight. while a terrible september doesn't always lead to an exuberant october, it has happened before. i've been saying when everyone is bearish, it's time to rethink your viewpoint. that's exactly what i'm doing. let's go to mary in connecticut. >> caller: hi, jim. a couple of weeks ago you recommended paypal. ever since then it's been struggling, even on a better day on the market it's struggling. >> yeah, it is. jack warren and i were talking
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about it. visa and mastercard, they hate paypal. we're in paypal for the long term. i don't know what the quarter says, but i think it is the younger person's credit card company. i think it's a really good buy. it acts as if it's going to miss the quarter. maybe you wait for the quarter to be announced before you buy any. randy in washington, dc. >> caller: hi, jim. i've been following solarcity since their ipo and just read the coverage report. one market risk that stoodout was proliferation for online shopping platforms. what do you mean make ake of th? >> i'm not a big fan of solarcity. i like first solar, and that's not been that good either. the solar stocks are very difficult, even though they shunt be challenged by the low price of oil, they all are. let's go to davis in georgia. >> caller: thank you for having me on.
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peabody energy, it currently stands above the $15 mark. is btu suddenly now alive and focused again? what should we expect from here? >> i have not called btu a buy. i hate the coal stocks. they did a split here. no coal stock i am recommending, and haven't in the last year. if i ever said anything positive about one, i don't recall. i don't like coal. let's go to eric in new york, please. >> caller: a big booyah, jim. a huge fan. thanks for taking my call. >> thank you. >> caller: my question is, what is your expert opinion on ace, after it dropped in july, and how this will affect both pace stock and chubb stock going forward? >> i have loved chubb. i think ace did the exact right
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thing when it made this acquisition. i think it is absolutely evan greenberg's game to win. he bought the right company. he's the head of ace. it's going to be a great combination. when the facts change, you have to be ready to change with them. is it time to draw the line in the sand? i'm revisiting the thesis. then nelson peltz made a big bet on ge today. is it time for you to do? plus istick with cramer. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to (gasp) shark diving!
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you need you to run, not walk, for the exits. a year ago i warned you that companies that provide sand to unlock the country's oil and gas reserves were in real danger. i wasn't just concerned about the fact that crude had gone into free fall. my real fear was that these sand stocks like high crush partners had already rocketed higher. an analyst from morgan stanley had just called out and called for a fracking sand supercycle called for a longer run. it's part of the secular shift until the oil industry. i warned you that these fracking companies were producing the ultimate commodity. they make sand, for heaven's sake. and there was a way this could continue to thrive if oil kept going lower.
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if people call for a supercycle, you are probably much closer to a top than a bottom. we heard about an ethanol supercycle before ethanol collapsed. we heard about a coal supercycle before coal collapsed. if anything, we've seen a super down cycle in the coal business. i said it was time to get a lot more cautious on the group. if you were buying the sand stocks, you would likely turn out to be way too late and probably lose a lot of money. a year later, what's happened? if anything, things have actually been far worse for the sand names than i predicted. when i warned you about the peak in the group, the price of oil had been dropping for three months. it was unclear whether it would continue to go much lower. as we know now, there was a heck of a lot more pain to come as crude dropped to levels not seen since the great depression. oil has been cut in half and natural gas has been crushed too. sure enough, the oil and gas companies moved to cut costs
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across the board and fracking sand turned out to be an easy target for them to cut. all these sand producers have been increasing their production to keep up with a booming oil market. when oil started the collapse there was a massive oversupply of fracking sand which caused sand price to get obliterated. we saw the same thing with offshore drillers. those are starting to jump back a little. that's another area where extra production was ramped up to meet demand that seemingly vanished overnight. it turns out i was more right than i knew when i told you to stay away from the fracking sand stocks and they're going lower. look this chart for hydraulic fracturing sand. it does a good job of telling the whole store. this index measuring sand prices peaked at 98.7 last october, when i told you beware a top. even the safest seeming plans in the sand cohort have been absolutely annihilated.
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a year ago i told you that emergent energy services might hold up better than the rest because it sported a 3.7% yield. the company has been forced to repeatedly slash that distribution until they stopped giving distribution guidance altogeth altogether, citing difficult stock conditions. this stock is now too small to give you a distribution either way. i'm admitting i was wrong when i called it, in the group that i hated, to a safe haven. in other words, i hate them all, but i said, if you like one, the stock is down since i warned you. >> the house of pain. >> not a house in pain. when the fracking sand space really began to experience tough times, which was a new experience for these companies which had only ever been in growth mode. the larger, more established oil producers have been through many down cycles and energy prices.
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they actually knew what to do when the environment became difficult. for the sand companies, fracking is a relatively new business and this was the first time any of them had experienced a sharp downturn. it was a shock to them. they were way too slow to cut production. of course any commodity producer suffers in a down market. but the older, more experienced commodity producers are at least better at limiting the damage. then there's u.s. silica. this was another one that had run up dramatically when we heard about the talk of the super cycle. it seemingly overheated a year ago. way too bullish on this one. any problems could cause a dramatic selloff. since that segment, u.s. silica, down 77%. i also told you to get more cautious on companies that compete with these fracking sand companies like carbo ceramics.
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drillers use it as alternative sand. i figured in a difficult environment they would switch from carbo's products to a much cheaper product to consult costs. by then they had already been losing lots of customers. since then, it's continued to get obliterated, down another 70%. sometimes it's better to be lucky than right. i was very lucky that i warned you away from the fracking sand group near the top. i was also being disciplined, because any time a commodity group is so beloved by wall street, you need to become much more skeptical. it happened with ethanol. it's happened with oil going into the great recession. it happened with coal, since 2013. and now it happened with sand. here's the bottom line. the next time you hear an expert call for a commodity supercycle, remember the anye laciiye -- a e
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annihilation of the sand companies. much more "mad money" ahead. could his investment in ge be a big winner? i'll unveil my picks. klein is down 35% this year. i'm taking a closer look. unless you've been living under a rock the past few weeks, you've seen how crushed the biotech sector is. i'm sitting down with the ceo of tg therapeutics. we'll talk about the decline. stick with cramer.
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before you think about the new general electric, the one that had $2.5 billion invested in, nelson peltz has taken this gigantic industrial. please consider this. when i was writing "get rich quick carefully," nelson peltz was the only activist i could find when you consistently beat the market, when you pig egybac on his positions after he announced it this morning. for instance, this stock rallied
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over 5%. i bet you beat the s&p 500 handily going forward. i think many people think tryon's involvement doesn't matter. i think that's wrong. peltz recognizes that in the new era where many of the large funds are index fund, he can play the role of trusted adviser who terrific ideas about how the capital structure of a company should look. why should ge not listen? they're old friends. they talked to peltz about joining the board of ge in 2007. peltz told the company he didn't like the emphasis on finance. if he cuts costs and boosts leverage, he could buy back 40% of the company's shares, maybe
6:26 pm
earning a double in the spot. that double might seem worth it, already slightly above what wall street is looking for. this company, with only 19% exposure to china, oil, and gas, i think ge could go to $30 easily. that would be a great return. in this market, where ge has conducted a major restructuring that's been totally ignored, i'm with peltz, as his 80-page epistle illustrates. there's been no catalyst to buy it until now. this peltz buy ignited the whole group. people are beginning to recognize that the chinese drama may be playing out. with the federal hold, there's a good chance these industrials could have a comeback. and believe, if dupont, which announced a terrible profit number tonight, had followed tryon's projection to break up
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that company, i think former ceo ellen kullman would have brought a lot more value to the table, especially given that the stock is up huge pending her departure. i think the fact that they recognize how important it is to get a stock moving, to get the transformation noticed. if ml listens and take tryon's advice to heart, then you shouldn't be selling it. you should be buying it. you can't ignore them. they're too good. the pressure of customer involvement can only make any ceo better, including jeff. that's why taking a position in general electric as of today makes more sense than ever for. we'll have this new shareholder, this change agent, aboard. peltz is that good. if he works his magic, ge is going higher. jim in connecticut. >> caller: utx is going to
6:28 pm
announce third quarter results on october 20th. wall street wasn't too happy with the second quarter results. and the stock lost about $7 that day. any thoughts on what utx will report for the third quarter? >> i think the united technologies is doing a lot of the right things. i think to tell you i think it has already guided expectations to levels that i think it will have no problem doing. i think greg hayes is in there straightening up the ship, doing a good job. united technologies is not necessarily the industrial i want to own right now. it will be the industrial if the numbers are beaten. i like the stock. i wish it yielded 3. it's got to go down a little more. carol in michigan. >> caller: thank you very much for taking my call. in 2008 or '09, during the recession, i bought ford stock at $3 a share. and i bought it as a lot of 100
6:29 pm
shares. it went up, and i was very pleased with the results. i respect the ford family and am proud that they did not take the buyout when offered. my question is, to you, cramer, with this bear market, is it wise to buy more ford stock at its price now? >> a lot of things there are starting to go right that weren't right even a week ago. so let's just say it's a bear phase, but we know that things can get better in certain segments. i think ford can get better. why? because volkswagen is going to have to pull back rather dramatically, leaving a lot of space for a lot of the other automakers. tau for your comments. peltz is powerful. his position in ge may finally be the catalyst this stock is waiting for to go much higher. how did a pharmaceutical rollup end up with its stock price cut in half in the span of a few short months? the rise and fall of
6:30 pm
mallinckrodt. then, i'm sitting down with the ceo of tg therapeutics to see how the stock is faring. and some people might have a case of the mondays, but not this guy. i'm taking your calls rapid fire in this edition of the lightning round. stick with cramer. there's probably a whole show devoted to the eagles and the skins. i want people to talk about our show. we'll deviate and talk about about money.
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what the heck has gone wrong at mallinckrodt? the one beloved drug company has become one of the most hated stocks. i spoke to mark trudeau and in the year after that interview his stock more than doubled. in the last few months mallinckrodt has been put through the meat grinder with shares 54% down from their
6:34 pm
highs. how did the market turn its back on mallinckrodt so rapidly? this is an important story for you if you've seen one of your stocks get hammered. this is a microcosm of the many bizarre things happening in this nutty market. it's become a despicable stock, frankly. the company is all about borrowing money to make acquisitions to grow its business. in recent months all the rollups out there have been absolutely hammered, hence why it's so hated. plus it's been hit by the whole drug price controversy in recent weeks. they made an ill-fated acquisition last year, announced in 2014. that's made things just terrible. let's go back. let's go back. for those of you who don't know, mallinckrodt is a company focused on pain management, insomnia and mental health. the company was spun off a little over two years ago, a plain vanilla company.
6:35 pm
for a while it seemed like mallinckrodt could do no wrong, raising prices, getting new drugs in. they've consistently tried to expand their product line via a series of acquisitions. in 2014 it snapped up cadence. in april of last year, the questcore deal. then vicaria, focused on developing drugs for ill infants. now it's buying an innovative prior of immune correctell ther. the stock has gone down 38% year to date. and more than cut in half in the last few months. it's been a dog. ever since mallinckrodt was spun off, the stock has had a huge bullish following, including a bunch of analysts. i liked it too. we thought the company had the chance to become a tax rollup. it was able to change its domicile to ireland, whose taxes
6:36 pm
are much lower than here. for a long time, the stock was soaring ever higher and higher. how on earth did mallinckrodt see its stock get cut in half over such a short period of time? like i said, much of the pain here has to do with the market turning on whole rollup cohort. this was a bad environment for companies with a bad business model. mallinckrodt is no exception. however, there's another piece of the puzzle, something company-specific, the aftermath of the questcore acquisition. it was already a company that was truly embroiled in controversy. que questcore had one drug whose price went to $23,000 a vial back in 2007, after rebranding it as a specialty drug. mallinckrodt liked that acktar
6:37 pm
had 19 different uses. but even at the time of the acquisition there were questions whether insurance companies would continue to provide reimbursement for it, especially after that jack-up in price. then there was legislation over the generic version, tenactin. mallinckrodt is now caught up in the political firestorm over drug price increases. there's a sense these prices will be rolled back because of an angry congress and candidates for president, including hillary clinton. mallinckrodt nevertheless decided to plow through and buy questcore, closed on the deal in august of last year. at the time mallinckrodt's ceo came on the show and told us he thought their main drug was undervalued. take a listen.
6:38 pm
why was this a controversial acquisition by some? why did i keep hearing that acktar was not a great drug or there won't be a reimbursement? >> this is a drug that's really delivering value for patients. we just felt it was mischaracterized. we felt we were the best owners. as we went through our due diligence process, we really found there was a lot of value yet to be unlocked with acktar. we felt mallinckrodt was well-positioned to unlock that value. >> since then things have not gone to plan. not at all. first of all, you would think that mallinckrodt was expecting that acktar would be able to give them incredible performance despite the negative noise surrounding it. the company consistently said they were forecasting double digit growth. sales of acktar have actually decelerated. it's only getting worse. mallinckrodt cut its forecast from high single digit to low single digit performance for
6:39 pm
acktar. that's a pretty big guidedown over the span of several months. the reason? increased pressure from insurers on pricing, something everybody said was going to happen. again, that's what the critics were saying. to make matters worse, a few weeks ago ani pharmaceuticals announced they had bought two new drug candidates from merck who could compete directly with acktar, causing mallinckrodt to lose value. not only have the worries about questcore come true, but the drug is way less proprietary when mallinckrodt she would out $9.5 billion for the company. i talked about the litigation with the ceo when they bought questcore. they bought a drug called tenactin. as part of that transaction, questcore was required to file with the fda for approval of
6:40 pm
tenactin in the u.s. mallinckrodt hasn't made any effort to get the company approved in the u.s. another company turned around and sued questcore, alleging antitrust violations. the lawsuit caught the attention of the ftc, the federal trade commission, which then launched a full investigation into whether questcore was engaging in anticompetitive behavior. and because mallinckrodt bought questcore, they're potentially on the hook for all of this. how about another red flag? holy cow. mallinckrodt's general counsel just right hand from the company not that long ago in the midst of the litigation. they haven't named a permanent replacement. we don't normally care about the general counsel except when the company is involved in important high profile litigation. that's what mallinckrodt is. one last thing. at a time when all the rollups are under pressure, again, i
6:41 pm
mentioned valiant as the one everyone is focused on, it doesn't help that the company owes $5 billion debt on the books. it will be much harder for them to continue making profitable acquisitions down the road, hence why the stock keeps getting punished. even if mallinckrodt had done everything right, the stock would be getting smacked, simply because the market now hates rollups. increasingly it looks like they've made a major mistake over their acquisition. exactly what the critics predicted. i believe that the rollups, many of them will come back, but mallinckrodt may not be one of them. "mad money" is back after the break. "squawk box" talks about tomorrow's economy. what investors need to watch out for.
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"squawk box," tomorrow, 6:00 a.m. eastern on cnbc.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. [ bell ringing ] >> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? matt in virginia. >> caller: jim, it's matt in
6:45 pm
ashburn, virginia, home of the 2-2 redskins. >> they look good. what's it? >> bought a stock, united airlines. >> i think it's good. that group has bottomed and i like it. i know some analysts want to say negative things. not me. stephanie in west virginia. >> caller: how are you doing, buddy? >> all right, how are you? >> i've good. i've got a question about twitter. >> i was hoping jack dorsey would resign from square. but the changes are coming fast and furious at twitter. he cares about those who tweet. charles in texas. >> caller: yes, sir. how are you doing? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: i'm good. i just had a quick question about sprint. >> i don't like that balance sheet.
6:46 pm
if that stock rallies, i think you want to check out of it, not into it. dave in illinois. >> caller: congratulations on the participation in the upcoming republican debate. is it a buy under favorable conditions? >> we know from the problems at valiant that a lot of these stocks have come down tremendously. i think that one is too low to sell. let's go to joe in massachusetts. joe? >> caller: yes, jim. i would like to know what you think of sierra wireless. >> this group is under tremendous pressure. i have to tell you, that one is down 52%. i prefer sky ward solutions, it had a beautiful quarter. donnie in florida. >> jim, a big booyah from
6:47 pm
florida. >> thank you for calling in. how can i help? >> i'm looking at amag. >> that again. that is way too hard. we've got stocks that are down huge. why not go with a cell g? you've got an opportunity here. that's the way to go. anthony in texas. >> caller: jim, how are you doing? >> good, anthony, how about you? >> caller: okay, jimmy, okay. i'll be quick. can you tell me where motorola solutions is going? >> i mean, i think it's done. i think it's done. i think you've got to move on to the next name. i'm not there for motorola solutions anymore. pete in florida. >> caller: jim, love your show. i'm also a new follower on facebook. here's my question. go-go. >> we felt that go-go is too controversial. there's guys who love it, guys who hate it. we don't need that. we have stocks that are a good,
6:48 pm
solid story. we don't need to dive into controversy. dave in pennsylvania. dave? go ahead, dave. >> caller: great show. the stock i'm asking about is ip. >> ip is down. this is a 4% yield now. i think this is the level where the decline is going bottom out. i think you want to buy ip. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. erns like the mail guy at 3:12 every day or jerry, getting dumped every third tuesday. this happens every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart, plus over 300 customizable studies to help you anticipate potential price movement. there's no way to predict that. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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the whole biotech space has fallen off a cliff over the issue of pricing, or price gauging, that hillary clinton called it in a tweet. with lots of investors worried that congress may try to impose pharmaceutical price controls down the road, these stocks have been absolutely slammed no matter how good they are. we have to wonder whether these stocks have been punished tall. take tg therapeutics, tggx, developer of monoclonal antibodies that creates streets for various kinds of cancer.
6:52 pm
it saw its shares rebound dramatically since wednesday. they have two blood cancer drugs which can deliver potentially fabulous results for patients. the company got fda approval a couple of weeks ago for treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. if the fda likes what they see, these two compounds could be approved simultaneous. we'll here from michael weiss, and president and ceo of tg therapeutics. mr. weiss, welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you. >> this is extraordinary news that you got this special protocol assessment. in another environment, this would be a very important development for people who suffer from a very serious disease. >> no question, we were
6:53 pm
obviously ecstatic when we got the word. we spent a lot of time with the fda. they helped us out a lot. the key to the company, our belie belief is that getting drugs to market is one thing, but pricing is an issue. we've seen that the past a couple of weeks. the ability to get both of those drugs approved in one clinical trial gives us basically the ability to price it any way we want to. obviously we're not running a charity, we're here to sell drugs at a reasonable price. i think we can get there without price gouging. >> let's talk first about timetable. if you're watching at home, phase iii doesn't mean it's going to be this month, but it could be, what, within a couple of years? >> so the studies should get started hopefully in the next 30 to 60 days. we anticipate it will take about 18 to 24 months to enroll the trial. and then it could be within another, you know, six to 12 months after that, we could have an outcome. >> this is a fatal disease.
6:54 pm
i mean, how do you have trials that can last that long? how do you do that, knowing that people may not live long enough to be in the trial? >> so this is chronic lymphocytic leukemia. the term "chronic" implies this is a fatal disease. patients will typically have it smoldering for years. again, the goal is to really prolong life, ideally to come to a cure. that's the part of the company we're so excited about, we have the two drugs. we have always believed it's not going to be two drugs, it will be three, four, five. how do would e price that? >> you're also from the banking side, finance side. i'll turn to the page that really grabbed me, balancing incentives. they distinguish between generics and patent issues, it could have patent consequences.
6:55 pm
like what? >> politicians put all drugs in one category and tweet about them in different ways. the difference between the innovative side of the business and the generic side, the generic -- let me go backwards. we have a social contract. we'll pay almost any price, within reason, for innovation, because we want to live longer, better lives. but once we've paid for it, ten, 15 years of exclusivity, then we want to get it for a low price. and what's happened recently is there's been a group of folks who have come in and basically changed the game, right, in a way that we don't think obviously -- >> how do you get it to change back? those people could cause the death spiral of biotech. i read an article in the times, very meaningful. >> we think if the pricing issues go from generics into innovative, that basically that is the start of a death spiral for the biotech industry.
6:56 pm
we saw this in 1994, when hillary came out and started all those discussions about pricing and socializing medicine, the biotech industry dropped 90% and didn't actually recover until '98. and she wasn't even successful. imagine, jim, if she was successful. we wouldn't see half the innovations we've seen in the last ten or 15 years. it would be gone. >> let's leave it at that. you've done a lot of important things and obviously you wouldn't have been doing that in that regime. that's michael weiss, president and ceo of tg therapeutics. check out what he's doing, okay? don't think about what the politicians are saying. that's not the way to go. stick with cramer. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website.
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can your business deliver? we've got a lot of good news in the last 72 hours. first we got an employment number that yes, it was so weak you have to believe the fed is on hold, for perhaps the rested ye -- rest of the year. good news out of china. and the bad news about volkswagen is starting to help other auto companies. oil has put in a bottom, we believe. the industrials seem to be undervalued according to nelson peltz who has taken that big stake in ge. then ellen kullman departs, and the stock goes up huge. i'm jim cramer. this is "mad money." see you tomorrow.
7:00 pm
>> tonight, on the profit, i go inside athans motors, a used car dealership started by a guy with no car experience. >> i don't have cars, but i have a good business. >> but you don't have cars! that the business! >> no, i'm done arguing with you. >> he spent so much money building the most opulent dealership i have ever seen that now he can't afford to buy cars or pay bills. if i can't stop the wasteful spending... what'd you spend on these walls? >> $100,000. >> wow. and sell some cars... >> i won't sell it. that car's worth 30 all day. >> athans motors will be out of business. my name is marcus lemonis. i fix failing businesses. this month you lost $150,000. i make tough decisions... you're not gonna come behind every single person and change the deal. >> i didn't agree to this [bleep]. >> and i back them up with my own cash.


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